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Special Metals weldings-, machinery and installation services

We have over 20 years experience of special metals. For example: Titans, Zirconiums and Hastelloy machinery and welding.


We are experts in materials:

Titanium (Gr 1, 2, 5, 7, 12), Nickel Alloys (200, 201) Zirconium, Hastelloy, 904L, SMO, Duplex, Super-Duplex and Stainless steels

We supply special metals for customers’ needs: Plates, pipes and fittings. We supply Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliant heaters, process pipelines, pressure vessels, structures, and other industry products according to your needs. We will design and do every job from start to finish. In challenging projects, we use our expertise to find right methods.

  • Hygiene, gas, and factory piping
  • Special metal pipelines
  • We do orbital, TIG and MMA welding
  • Heaters
  • Pressure vessels and reactors for medical and chemical industries
  • Zirconium and Titanium liners
  • Factory repairs
  • Maintenance services
  • Consultations in design, welding and inspection of pipelines and equipment

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Titanium Gr1

UNS R50250 W.-No.3.7025

Gr1 titanium is a soft unalloyed titanium grade with the lowest strength and best toughness properties. Gr1 titanium is used in many industrial products such as heat exchangers, chemical industry and pumps.

Tensile strength, min 240 Mpa

Titanium Gr2

UNS R50400, W.-No. 3.7035

Gr2 titanium is the most common material used in industry. Gr2 titanium is commonly used in pipelines and tanks in the chemical, oil and gas industries. Gr2 titanium is also widely used in numerous important industries where high reliability is required e.g. in surgery, in the pharmaceutical industry, in the aviation industry, in the automotive industry, in chemical plants, in electricity production, in oil and gas production, as well as, in sports.

Tensile strength, min 345 Mpa

Titanium Gr5

UNS R65400, W.-No. 3.7164

Gr5 titanium is a more commonly used material in the space and aviation industry. Gr5 titanium is the strongest of the titanium mixtures.

Tensile strength, min 895 Mpa

Titanium Gr7

UNS R52400, W.-No.3.7235

Gr7 titanium is highly resistant to corrosion due to its high content of palladium. Gr7 is resistant to salt water, erosion, impacts and is suitable for handling  -chloride materials. Gr7 is commercially pure titanium, otherwise equivalent to Gr2 titanium, but contains 0,12-0,25 % of palladium. Gr7 titanium is used e.g in chemical and industrial equipment that requires more durability than Gr2 titanium.

Nickel alloy (200, 201)

UNS N02200/W.-No. 2.4060 & 2.4066

Nickel 200 and nickel 201 are commercially pure (99,6 %) modified nickels. Thanks to Nickel´s resistance to corrosion, it is particularly useful for e.g. in maintaining the purity of products, in the processing of synthetic fibres and alkaline bases, and in structural applications where corrosion resistance is a priority.

200 and 201 Nickels have good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. Other useful properties in the mixture include e.g. high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Tensile strength, min 400 Mpa


Zirconium ZR700 & ZR702

UNS 60700 & 60702

Zirconium has excellent corrosion resistance in organic and alkaline acids.

Zirconium alloys have excellent thermal properties compared to other conventional materials. Example use case is used nuclear fuel storage tanks. The thermal conductivity of zirconium alloys is more than 30 % higher than stainless steel alloys. The material has good economic sustainability in the long term.

Hastelloy C-22 & C276

UNS N06022 & N10276

Hastelloy C-22 has excellent corrosion resistance in  oxidizing environments. Used e.g. in chemical and industrials pipelines, heat exchangers and tanks.

Typical process materials include sodium chloride (NaCl), hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

Duplex 1.4462 & Super-Duplex 1.4410

UNS S32205 & UNS S32750

Duplex 1.4462 is commonly used in chemical tanks and in pipelines, tanks and valves in the oil, gas, pulp and paper industries.

Super-Duplex 1.4410 has a high chromium, molybdenum and nickel content, which increases its corrosion resistance. It is best suited for environments where high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance are required. It is used e.g in the chemical, pulp and paper industries.

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  • We are a new kind of metal company. The basis of our company is to invest quality of our work, wellbeing and long-term customer relationships
  • Our motivated and skilled workers perform welding works and industrial installations with solid professional skills
  • We provide consulting based, on over 20 years of experience in pipeline and machine design, inspections and weldings
  • Management & Environment, Health & Safety and Financial Certifications

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